My name is Caty! I'm on my journey to becoming more fit and healthy while thinking positively. Feel free to message me, even if you just want to talk! I will be posting my workouts and the food I eat each day :)

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hi babes I don’t have class today which is super awesome and I feel like I haven’t done a promo in a long time so I’m gunna do one today 

  • mbf me
  • ask me a question to be bolded (ooooooo)
  • will start posting at like 50 notes 

Hope y’all are having a great week! 

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Meet my March BOTM, Abby!! <3 <3
I apologize for the delay, I had to get my computer fixed and it took a few days so I wasn’t able to look at the blogs :(
Go follow her, she’s amazing!! Abby donated $40 of her own personal money to my GoFundMe cause for my trip to Africa, and she’s an all-around amazing person! :D You have until April 1st to reblog this promo, and then I’ll choose the winner! (: Hopefully I won’t be late this time haha.
BOTM Rules:
MBF Me (brandnewmaddy)
MBF Abby (journeyofafoodaholic)
Health/Fitness, no pro-ED
Reblogs only, likes don’t count
Unlimited reblogs until April 1st, 2014
If You’re Chosen:
A special place on my blog for all of April!
Random promos throughout the month
Appear at the top of every mini promo
You get a new friend! <3
Permanently on my “Past BOTM’s” page
ALL blogs looked at, favorites followed!
People must follow you for a chance at May’s BOTM!
Remember, you have until April 1st to reblog for a chance at my BOTM spot! Good luck, and happy reblogging everyone! <3

BOTM UPDATE: I’m so sorry for the delay you guys!! I’ve just been so swamped with stuff and haven’t had hardly any time to do BOTM stuff! Starting Wednesday though I’ll have tons of free time, so I’m going to choose on Wednesday a BOTM to go from April 15th to May 15th instead of the month of April! After that my BOTMs are going to have to take a  hiatus and will start July or August - I am completely booked with trips and college prep stuff until then! Thanks for your understanding <3
Until Wednesday though, happy reblogging! (:
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Red Quinoa Pancakes
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Gorgeous AND good for you: Smoothies.
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Breakfast with triciajs!
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